Our team

Rebecca Ferrier and Christopher Lee are two renowned photojournalistic creative photographers who have distinguished themselves in the field of visual storytelling. Their timeless, elegant style is a blend of evocative storytelling and sophisticated aesthetics. The dynamic duo specializes in capturing candid moments, which they weave into a compelling narrative, filled with emotion and depth. Their photos are a testament to their ability to seize the ephemeral beauty of the moment, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer. Rebecca and Chris's's work transcends the boundaries of time and space, capturing the human spirit in its most authentic form. Their work, characterized by its richness in detail, subtle tones, and a deep understanding of light and shadow, is a testament to their mastery of the craft and their commitment to portraying the world with honesty and sensitivity.

Rebecca Ferrier


Christopher Lee


We are a boutique wedding photography studio that specializes in connecting with our clients. Because we are so small, we have the ability to get to know and connect with you allowing you to feel comfortable in front of the lens. This is how we are able to capture that "natural" look, also this is how we got our slogan, Rebecca Ferrier Photography - "It's Natural."


Elegant, timeless & Authentic Photography.

Our Philosophy

From the moment you inquire about our services, up until the photos arrive in your hands, we accompany your trust and treat you as part of our family. Our end result goes infinitely beyond just hiring photographers for one day, it is entrusting artists to create unforgettable memories to last a lifetime.

Combining influences from the world of fashion, photojournalism and traditional schools of art photography, Rebecca and Chris illustrate an exclusive breath taking approach to their work. Their fresh innovative look invokes change from standard event photography that typically appears in compilations and albums. Often described as striking, spontaneous and sometimes edgy, Rebecca and Chris’s gallery worthy images push the limits of conventional event photography, providing each one of their clients with a personalized and visionary final product. We are passionate about what we do and it shows. So pour yourself a glass of wine or champagne and give us a call!


Fantastic from start to finish. Fair pricing. Super passionate group who were down to get the shots we wanted and loved creative ideas. Highly recommend!

Anthony Carrino


Guinnevere Baranowski

I can honestly say that Rebecca and Chris are truly gifted photographers who are able to capture so much more than a good photograph. The pictures from our wedding, both the portraits and the candids, are absolutely beautiful works of art full of emotion. When you receive the online album with your pictures, you will have too many great shots to count. Who knew it would be so difficult to pick photos to frame and put in an album?! In addition to taking incredible photos, Rebecca and Chris are so professional, fun to work with, and really kept us on-schedule on our wedding day. When the wedding was over, my husband and I even talked about how we were going to miss Rebecca and Chris, because they were that enjoyable to be around! Most importantly, Rebecca and Chris do not leave things to chance. Prior to the wedding, they walked through the venue and surrounding area with us to scout out locations that would work best for taking pictures, so we have a wide variety of backgrounds and different kinds of shots. We would absolutely recommend Rebecca and Chris to anyone considering a wedding photographer. You will not be disappointed